Create-A-Card, Inc. Staff

Arthur Messina - President


Create-A-Card, Inc. has, under the leadership of Arthur Messina, evolved from a specialized printing company in 1986 into what is, today, the industry’s leading full-service marketing strategy and solutions provider.  For over two decades, Mr. Messina has taken a leadership position in ground transportation, and as a featured speaker at many industry events, including LCT and regional association programs, and as a published author, has built a reputation as an industry innovator and the preferred partner for marketing leading transportation companies. Mr. Messina is an affable, focused businessman who brings a unique, and entertaining, perspective to chauffeured ground transportation marketing.

Mr. Messinas' background in marketing and his ongoing training within the graphic design field helps him keep his clients up to date with fresh concepts and new ideas. You can meet Mr. Messina at any of the Limousine industry trade shows throughout the US to discuss your next marketing project or have him review your current printed materials.